IDT Media Goes Where No Producer Has Gone Before

In recent years, fans of Gene Roddenberry have been treated to new sci-fi properties like the syndicated TV shows Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda. But just when it looks like the old vault has been tapped out, something else emerges from the mind of the late Star Trek creator.

IDT Media’s Digital Production Solutions (DPS) has acquired the rights to the never-before-seen Roddenbery creations Starpoint Accademy and Char. What makes these properties different is that they were intended for younger audiences and will be animated in 3D.

The deal marks IDT’s entry into the 3D feature film development and distribution game. The company will be using its proprietary Global Animation Studio to complete the projects.

In Starpoint Academy, teens train to be elite guardians of peace on an artificial planet that houses emissaries from every galaxy. Char follows the adventures of a 24th century, all-American Earth girl who is unaware that she is actually an intergalactic princess robbed of her birthright.

Production concepts and schedules will periodically be made available on the official website at http://www.starpointacademy,net/

IDT Media’s DPS studio has produced episodes of the series Monster by Mistake with CCI Ent. Ltd. and is currently working on a co-production with Doug, Staney and PB&J Otter creators Jim Jinkins and David Campbell of Cartoon Pizza.