Houston Gets U.S. Premiere of A Tree of Palme

ADV Films today announced that the U.S. theatrical debut of the anime feature, A Tree of Palme, will take place at Houston’s Rice Cinema on Jan. 14. The sci-fi/fantasy retelling of the classic Pinocchio story was written and directed by animator Takashi Nakamura, best known for his work as chief animator on the cyberpunk masterpiece, Akira.

Palme is a wooden puppet built to care for his creator’s dying wife. After her death, Palme looses his sense of purpose and ceases to function, remaining inactive until a mysterious woman arrives at his master’s workshop. Pursued by a group of ruthless men, the woman is desperately seeking help in delivering a precious package to its destination on the other side of the world. Palme agrees to aid the woman in her mission and sets off on an incredible adventure and a journey of self-discovery.

A Tree of Palme, ADV’s first feature release for 2005, will play for two weekends at the Rice Cinema, located on The Rice University campus. The pic will then roll out in select cities including Boston, San Francisco, Nashville, Hartford, Portland Oregon and Austin. Specific dates and theatres are listed on the ADV Theatrical website at www.ADVFilms.com/theatrical.