‘Home’ Scores $54 Million in Domestic Debut


Home defied box office predictions and defied weak reviews to dominate the box office with a solid $54 million gross domestic for its opening weekend for DreamWorks Animation.

The animated comedy adds that domestic opening to the $47 million it has earned overseas, where it has already been playing in some markets, for a $101 million worldwide total — exactly the kind of good news that the studio has been looking for.

The domestic opening is the third-largest for a non-sequel in DreamWorks Animation’s history, behind the debuts of Kung Fu Panda at $60 million and Monsters vs. Aliens at $59.3 million.

Most forecasts heading into the weekend put Home’s domestic gross somewhere in the mid-$30 millions range.

The No. 2 film this weekend was the Will Ferrell comedy Get Hard, which grossed $34 million in its debut frame.

Still in release this weekend was The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, earning an estimated $610,000 in ticket sales. The Paramount release has earned $160 million domestic and $127 million foreign for $288 million total.



  • Andrewmated

    I really liked Home and I’m glad it did well but he box office. I’m surprised it did not review great. (Do critics hate or ignore everything animated that isn’t Pixar!?) Anyway, the theatre me and my brother went to was packed and the next showing was completely sold out. I’m really happy for this film. Diversity is a great thing to have, and I glad to see an animated film about a girl of color rise to the top. =)

  • https://www.fanfiction.net/u/2801026/Q-A-the-Authoress Q-A the Authoress

    I’m glad to see DW is doing well. This was a cute movie and I enjoyed the main characters. They felt fresh in a good way. I also like Pig the cat.

  • Cyrus Veber

    Sh*t sells

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  • Pingback: effects MTL, VFX, animation, June