He’s Back!

It’s been 12 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger slipped on black leather jacket and shades that have become the trademark of his most famous character, the relentless killing machine known as model T-800. And while director James Cameron and co-stars Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong are missing in action this time around, the muscle-bound Austrian is back to take one more swing at preventing a nuclear holocaust.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines opens in theaters nationwide today. Industrial Light & Magic lends its visual effects talents to help flesh out this story of mankind’s struggle to save itself from the technology it has created. Nick Stahl (Bully, In the Bedroom) takes over the role of John Connor, who is now 18 years old and finds himself pursued by a new breed of Terminator, the T-X, played by former model Kristanna Loken. Another T-800 (Schwarzenegger) is sent from the future to protect him so he can one day lead the rebellion against the machines.

Claire Danes (Romeo + Juliet, Brokedown Palace) is along for the bumpy ride. This marks the second time she and Stahl have worked on the same project. They both lent their voices to the 1998 animated TV series Disney’s Hercules.

Jonathan Mostow (Breakdown, U-571) takes over the helm for this latest installment in the sci-fi/action franchise. The director, who has proven that he can handle action and suspense, eagerly welcomed the high-profile challenge of continuing the saga. “On some level, I’m a director but I’m also a movie fan and part of me will never get over the fact that I get to go to work everyday and tell the Terminator what to do,” Mostow tells Animation Magazine.

Read more about Mostow’s and ILM’s role in raising the machines in the August issue of Animation Magazine.