Happy Feet May Still Go 3D

Warner Bros. tells us we may still see a stereoscopic 3D version of its upcoming CG-animated feature, Happy Feet. It was reported last week that the studio had scrapped plans release an IMAX 3D version, which was originally slated to debut on Nov. 17, the same day the movie arrives in conventional theaters. Now we’re told that there was just a problem in striking the 3D prints in time for the day-and-date rollout. IMAX venues will instead be exhibiting the film in 2D.

According to Warner Bros., there’s no truth to speculation that the poor box office performance of The Ant Bully forced execs to reconsider the costly 3D conversion of Happy Feet. The studio may go forward with plans for a 3D re-release, especially if Happy Feet does well this holiday season.

Directed by George Miller, whose credits include the Babe and Mad Max films, Happy Feet is an animated musical comedy starring Elijah Wood as the voice of Mumble, a penguin who uses fancy dance moves to make up for the fact that he is the worst singer in a culture that relies on good pipes. Hugh Jackman (Flushed Away) will voice Mumble’s father, Memphis, and Nicole Kidman will play his mother, Norma Jean. The voice cast also includes Robin Williams (Robots) and Brittany Murphy (King of the Hill) and Hugo Weaving (The Matrix trilogy).