Funny Little Bugs Set for Film, Game

MKO principals Nathanael Karmitz and Aton Soumache are set to produce Funny Little Bugs as a 3-D animated film and videogame.

The game and movie, based on the bestselling children’s series by Antoon Krings, will be produced simultaneously by MKO with a budget of $33 million, according to Variety. The film is in development and set to begin production in 2010.

“Through MKO we want to make the worlds of cinema, audiovisual and videogame fuse artistically,” said Karmitz, of MKO. “This synergy allows us to coordinate production, distribution, marketing and publishing and retain all the distribution rights. “

MKO will then package the videogame and the toon for distribution.

Karmitz said he and Soumache, president of Onyx Films, are in advanced talks with a partner to help them structure the distribution, the trade paper reports.

The pair also is negotiating for film and video game rights with the estate of Charlie Chaplin. Another project they’re working is Le Petit Prince, another children’s classic in Europe, for a videogame with TV series set for France’s M6 and plans for a theatrical film.