French Judge Tosses Nemo Suit

The Dow Jones Business News reports that French author Franck Le Calvez’s lawsuit against the makers of Finding Nemo has been thrown out of court. Calvez claims that Nemo was based on his book, Pierrot Le Poisson Clown, and called for a ban on Nemo merchandising in France.

Friday’s ruling by judge Louis-Marie Raingeard de la Bletiere reportedly recognized a number of similarities between the two properties but concluded that they weren’t enough to create confusion in the marketplace. Further hearings into Le Calvez’s claims of copyright infringement will take place in October.

Calvez’s book, also about a clown fish, was published late last year and sold 3,000 copies before stores pulled it off the shelf when Nemo books came out. Though Pierrot Le Poisson Clown hit the market first, Disney claims that it registered the copyright for Nemo in 2000 and had no knowledge of Calvez’s work.