Fear Effect Game for Big Screen

Entertainment software publisher/developer Eidos has optioned the film and television rights to its video game franchise Fear Effect to producer and director Uwe Boll and his production company, BollKG. The deal follows Eidos’ success in licensing Tomb Raider to Paramount Pictures and the optioning of Deus Ex by Columbia Pictures and producer Laura Zisken.

Boll is making a career of bringing video games to theaters. The director recently helmed an adaptation of the Sega zombie title House of the Dead, which debuted on home video last week. He also produced and directed a pic based on Atari’s Alone in the Dark. That film is due out this summer.

Fear Effect is a fantastic game with a dark story," says Boll. "I want to create an action film in the vein of Charlie’s Angels but portray its sexy heroines Hana and Rain in a much edgier fashion.”