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Fantastic Four Trailer Hitched to Elektra


Fantastic Four Trailer Hitched to Elektra

Comic-book fans eagerly awaiting the big screen debut of Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm may want to check out another comic-book adaptation arriving in theaters this weekend. Before drooling over Elektra star Jennifer Garner in skimpy outfits, geeks can get their salivatory glands working with an exclusive trailer for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four.

In its efforts to make sure the core audience turns out for its Daredevil spin-off, Fox is offering this exclusive look at the Fantastic Four movie only to moviegoers who buy a ticket to see Elektra. The sneak peek won’t show up on television, online or attached to other theatrical releases for some time yet.

Set to open during the 4th of July weekend, Fantastic Four follows the exploits of Marvel’s first family of comic superheroes. The astronauts gain super powers after cosmic radiation exposure and learn to use their newfound abilities to foil the evil plans of Doctor Victor Von Doom. Actor Ioan Gruffudd, best known as TV’s Horatio Hornblower, plays the elastic Reed "Mr. Fantastic" Richards. Jessica Alba (Sin City, TV’s Dark Angel) steps into the tights of Susan "Invisible Woman" Storm, Chris Evans (Cellular, The Perfect Score) is Johnny "Human Torch" Storm and The Shield star Michael Chiklis bricks up to play Ben "The Thing" Grimm.

Opening Friday, Jan. 14, Elektra has Garner’s character from 2003’s Daredevil recover from her near-death experience to become a fierce assassin. However, things don’t go so smoothly with her latest assignment and she ends up taking on deadly ninjas in an attempt to protect the very man she was sent to kill. Directed by X-Files alum Rob Bowman (Reign of Fire), the film features visual effects by Rhythm & Hues, Rainmaker, Pixel Magic, Pacific Title and Modern videoFilm.

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