Fairly OddParents Cineplex-bound

The popular Nickelodeon animated series The Fairly OddParents is on its way to a theater near you. According to The Hollywood Reporter, series creator Butch Hartman and producer/story editor Steve Marmel are developing a big-screen version for Nick and Paramount Pictures.

OddParents shares with SpongeBob SquarePants the title of Nickelodeon’s top rated show and may soon overtake the spongy one. This month, OddParents began airing nightly at 8:00 p.m., pushing SpongeBob back to 7:30.

The series, which premiered in 2001, follows the misadventures of Timmy Turner and his bumbling fairy godparents. On July 11, Nickelodeon aired an OddParents TV movie titled Abra-Catastrophe, which drew more than 7.5 million viewers.

The phenomenal success of the cable movie may be directly responsible for the green lighting of the OddParents theatrical film, which Hartman will reportedly direct and exec. produce. He will also co-write the script with producer Marmel. Nickelodeon’s Julia Pistor, Albie Hecht and Margie Cohn will also serve as exec. producers. There is no word on a targeted release date.