F.Dice Does Adult Toon Cel Division

Behind the rusted iron gates of an abandoned Hollywood back lot lies an animated metropolis that has become a refuge for washed-up cartoon characters in Cel Division, a new adult animated project in production at animation studio F Dice (www.fdice.com).

Cel Division plays with various animation styles, combining 2D and 3D visuals to riff on classic cartoons, recent blockbusters and cult genres such as anime. The story revolves around Tyrone Jones, an African-American character created to play a drug dealer in Johnny Law, a short-lived ‘70s cop cartoon. Tyrone’s only ticket out of the Cel Division is to overcome the horrors of typecasting and land a legitimate role in Hollywood’s booming animation industry, a lofty goal for someone born black and 2D.

The Cel Division is also a playground for Hollywood’s biggest animated stars, who roll into town to indulge their vices away from the watchful eye of fans and studio execs. When one of these elite toon icons ends up murdered in a dive bar, Tyrone is suspected and finds himself again hunted by the tenacious Johnny Law. Complicating matters is a dangerous love triangle and the menace of the anime Yakuza.

F.Dice is an international animation production house with studios and offices in London, Los Angeles, Nagoya, Riga and soon Barcelona. Company founder Antti Pennanen has a team of character designers, storyboard artists and animators busy at work on Cel Division, which is based on a story by Bijan Tehrani.

“When Bijan and Ryan presented this story to us, we instantly realized that this is where the future of animation lies," says Penname. "Cel Division packs a fresh air and new ideas into a very exciting and funny story.”

Pennanen adds, “Our guys are enjoying their time working on this project. Cel Division requires artists with the talent to combine different styles of animation and we are lucky to have a pool of talented creators with feature film production credit under their belts.”

Cel Division is being produced as a feature film with potential for a television series.