Extended Avatar Re-release Rumors Heat Up

Rumors of a re-release for Avatar are getting closer to reality.

Director James Cameron is discussing with Fox plans for a fall re-release of the movie, which likely will include about 10 minutes of unseen footage, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The studio and the film’s producers reportedly still see demand for the film, especially in the 3D IMAX format, that could not be supplied once Disney’s 3-D Alice in Wonderland took over many of the screens on which Avatar had been playing.

While as much as 40 minutes of footage was cut from the film, the maximum length of a feature for analog IMAX facilities is 170 minutes.

With the theatrical cut of Avatar currently standing at 160 minutes, an extra 10 minutes of footage makes sense and is manageable for the studio to complete post-production on in time for the re-release.

The re-release would follow an expected 2D DVD and Blu-ray release, which the trade says will arrive no later than May.