Exodus Gets Surge of CG Toons

Venice-based Exodus Film Group has added two new CG-animated features to its quickly expanding development slate. The first–The Hero of Color City, centers on a boxful of heroic crayons who have to protect their land from an evil tyrant bent on destroying joy and color, and is based on a script by J.P. McCormick and Rich Raczelowski. The second new feature is titled Amarillo Armadillo, a comedic yarn set in 1920s-era Texas, penned by Robert S. Kahn. The feature follows the adventures of a British oil prospector, a love-stuck armadillo and a cynical horned toad as they try to find the armadillo’s long-lost love.

Both films will be exec produced by animation veteran Max Howard (The Lion King, Aladdin, Space Jam). The animation will be created by Exodus’ partner ElectroAge (The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Roughnecks Starship Troopers Chronicles, Star Trek Voyager).

Exodus executives say the new developments are a direct response to the healthy industry and investor interest in their CG-animated feature Igor (slated for a 2007 release) which is currently in production, and the company’s $50 million film fund. An Igor short, featuring the voice of Christian Slater, is also in production.

"We’re excited about moving forward with an all-animated film fund," says Exodus’ president John D. Eraklis. "In addition to the box office potential of these films, we believe that the licensing and merchandising aspect of our animation properties will be among their greatest strengths."


"We’re very fortunate to have discovered these two additional animated projects," adds Howard. "Our focus continues to be about original, imaginative stories with clever writing and we’ve definitely found that with these projects."

In addition to executive producing Igor, Howard is also producing the CG-animated/live action feature Pavlov’s Dog, a co-production between Howard’s Melwood Pictures and Exodus. For more info. visit www.exodusfilmgroup.com.