Eleven Centuries Later, Beowulf Still Kickin’ It.

If only the descendants of the guy who wrote the Old English poem Beowulf in the 11th Century had a contract for all-rights for the rest of eternity. Because then, with a great agent on board, they might have been able to get gross-points on Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming project based on the elegy of heroism. Dude, they’d be golden.

As of right now, Columbia Pictures is negotiating with Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Brendan Gleeson and Robin Wright Penn to star Zemeckis’ Beowulf. The writer/director is intent on using the same mo-cap technology he used on The Polar Express. Despite some competitors’ glee that the Tom Hank’s vehicle bombed the first weekend at the box office, the film has now grossed $283 million worldwide (of which Hanks and Zemeckis got a reported $50 million in their first-dollar deals).

As with The Polar Express, the new film is being financed by Steve Bing’s Shangri-La Entertainment. The tech used for Polar captured the actor’s performances on video and then processed the images digitally to give the film its distinctive other-worldly look.