Dream Balloon, Atchity Shake Up Snowyville

Michael Attardi’s award-winning animated short Once Upon a Christmas Village is set to become a feature through a co-production agreement signed by Dream Balloon COO Joseph Anselmo and Atchity Entertainment International chairman Kenneth Atchity. Titled Snowyville, the holiday movie is slated to go into production no later than September for a November/December 2008 release.

Directed by Attardi, the 15 minute Once Upon a Christmas Village was created by animators from Digital Animation and Visual Effects Studio (D.A.V.E.) at Universal Studios-Orlando, FL. The film will have its European debut at the Cannes film Festival in May after picking up awards for Best Animation at the Washington D.C. and Delray Film Festivals, as well as the Garden State Festival where it also took Best Picture. At the 28th Annual Telly Awards, Village won in 10 categories: Best Animation, Best Musical Production, Best Cinematography, Best CGI Animation Film, Best Art Direction, Best Director of Camera, Best Sound Design, Best Music Lyrics, Best Special Effects in Animation and Best Animated Comedy.

Michael Attardi and Joseph Anselmo created Dream Balloon Ent. to produce animated and live-action movies. They are working with Atchity and his producing partner, Chi-Li Wong, to complete production funding and are developing a feature-length script based on the short. The movie will be approximately 35% live action and 65% animation, with original music and lyrics by Attardi and co-music producer Dani Donadi.

Other films in development at Atchity Ent. include Paramount’s Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not!, directed by Tim Burton’s and starring Jim Carrey, New Line’s prehistoric shark thriller Meg, directed by Jan de Bont, Fox 2000′s Demon Keeper and Universal’s 3 Men Seeking Monsters, starring Jon Heder.