Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Feature Will Be CG-Animated


Disney’s holiday 2013 feature Frozen will be a CG-animated version of a project that used to be called The Snow Queen, according to Slashfilm.com. The movie, which has been in development for many years, is loosely based on the famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. However, it was rumored that the film would be hand-drawn, along the lines of The Princess and the Frog. Disney confirmed today that the feature will be a 3D CG-animated fairy tale instead.

According to the website, the movie was in development at Disney for at least a decade and was shelved in 2002. Glen Keane reportedly quit the feature in 2003, and the project was on hold again in March 2010. Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken was also tied to the project before the movie was shelved originally. The movie is now slated to be released on November 27, 2013.

Frozen artwork

Disney's Frozen artwork

  • http://openvaultdisney.com milojthatch

    That’s too bad. I was really wanting to see it be a hand drawn film. Oh well!

  • jcvaldez

    I was so excited for it to be a hand drawn film also. Disney does animated films so much better with hand drawn features.

  • KTB

    I really wish they’d move away from so much CG and go back to hand drawn stories. Hand drawn just has so much more of a timelessness about them (in my opinion anyway).

  • Revolationsz

    Disney needs to get it straight. Pixar for CG, Walt Disney Animation Studios for handrawn animation. Having both studios do CG is redundant. At least innovate in the CG field. I mean, look at the ‘Tangled’ concept art. Looked like it could have been beautiful as either 2d as it was originally intended, or even 3d. But when they made it 3d, they dropped the concept art style. Why? o_0

    I’m just baffled as to how Japan can have such a lucrative 2d animation market and not the U.S. I guess america is too fixated of live action hollywood. Even though animation started in the U.S., the industry has always played second fiddle to live-action here, thus it was able to blossom in other countries I guess.
    Now the american animation industry is splintering on itself. 2D vs 3D. Sad. At this point, I want a completely new animation company to rise. Not to replace “old disney”, but to make completely unique 2d drawn films.

    • Push the artform

      you people are so fixated on the “technique” used.. Its about the story and the characters….NOT how they are executed… Tangled wouldn’t be what it is today if it were hand draw.. Hand drawn looks the way it does because of its Limitations… Lets embrace that and move forward. 

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