Disney to Animate Marvel’s ‘Big Hero 6'


After several days of speculation by the media, Disney has confirmed that it’s in early development with Marvel on an animated movie based on its Big Hero 6 property. The comic-book centers on six key characters that were created by the Japanese government to protect the country from all worldly threats.

The heroic team consists of Sunfire, who can harness the power of solar energy to defy enemies; Silver Samurai, a sword-swinging warrior who once tangled with Wolverine;  Hiro, a 13-year-old genius boy; Honey Lemon, who is able to draw any object she needs from a mystical purse; Baymax, a giant robot created by Hiro who can shapeshift into a dragon form, and Go-Go Tomago, a woman in a high-tech, voice-controlled suit, who can become a ball of energy and propel herself through space. Phew—what do you think of all those powers, puny Avengers?

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

  • Salometoy

    is comic available in america or only japan?