Disney Joins Monster Attack Network

Disney has acquired rights to the AIT/Planet Lar graphic novel Monster Attack Network, according The Hollywood Reporter. The studio reportedly sees potential for a feature film franchise along the lines of Sony’s Men in Black, which also started as a comic. Jason Netter, a producer on Universal’s recent comic book adaptation Wanted, will produce the first film through his Kickstart Ent.

Monster Attack Network is written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, with art by Nima Sorat. The adventure book takes place on the idyllic Pacific island of Lapuatu, which happens to be home to giant monsters. Nate Klinger and his daring team of first-responders at the Monster Attack Network expertly deal with the frequent rampaging-beast-related crises. Their job is further complicated with the arrival of a shady American industrialist and the mysterious, sexy Lapuatuan ex-patriate.

Netter’s Kickstart specializes in bringing comic-book properties to the big screen. For ABC Family, he exec produced a pilot based on ATI’s Nobody by Alex Amado, Sharon Cho, Charlie Adlard, and also has AIT’s Couriers set up at Rogue Pictures. In addition, he is producing an adaptation of Garth Ennis’ The Boys with Original Films for Columbia Pictures.