Dimension to Deliver New Chomet Toon

Is quirky French director Sylvain Chomet ready for life with the Weinstein brothers? It was announced today that The Triplets of Belleville director will direct a new animated feature for Miramax’s sister company, Dimension. Daily Variety reports that the acclaimed French animator will direct, write and produce the feature, which will be overseen for the studio by co-presidents Andrew Rona and Brad Weston.

In addition to the Dimension project, Chomet and his wife and producing partner Sally run the recently established Edinburgh-based animation shop Studio Django. The shop is preparing a feature titled Barbacoa, which centers on an 1871-era Parisian vet who tries to protect a monkey from starving savage children after the siege of the city by Prussian troops. The feature will be co-produced by 4-Way Pictures, established by actor Robert Carlisle, director Antonia Bird, Trainspotting novelist Irvine Welsh and producing partner Mark Cousins.

“We couldn’t wish for two more perfect projects to launch our studio in Edinburgh,” says Chomet in the article. “They are very different both in technique and target audience and will provide Studio Django with the ideal bait to attract the best talent from around the world.”

Chomet, who began his career in comic books, was first nominated for an Oscar for his 1998 short The Old Lady and the Pigeons. Last year, his well-received feature The Triplets of Belleville was nominated in the Best Original Song and Best Animated Feature Oscar categories. To date, Belleville has grossed $6 million in the U.S. and an additional $7 million overseas.