Del Toro Talking Hellboy Anime, Games

Another live-action filmmaker is looking to the world of animation to extend his feature film franchise. Guillermo del Torro, director of the Sony/Revolution Studios boxoffice hit Hellboy, has announced plans to bring Mike Mignola’s comic book creation to anime fans.

On the message board at Sony’s official Hellboy website (, del Torro comments, "We are in talks with Gonzo Anime for the Hellboy anime series and we are shopping for the best possible video game publishers and possible engines. Mike Mignola and I will be involved in the plotting of it to make sure that in flows with the mythology of the movie(s) anime, comic, etc., etc."

The director also addresses sequel questions, adding, "And, yes, we are talking about a second movie. The B.O. numbers make perfect sense since we were a relatively inexpensive movie at under $70 million and we will make enough domestically. Mike and I are fleshing out ideas and storylines we’ve been discussing for some time now. Mike thinks there will be no Lobster (sob) but Roger is in for sure. Some of the plotting will have hints of [the issues] Almost Colossus and C. Worm."

A Hellboy anime project would follow on the heels of Warner Bros.’ The Animatrix and Universal’s Van Helsing: The London Assignment, which is scheduled for home video release on May 11. Universal is also producing The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury, an animated follow-up to its upcoming summer release The Chronicles of Riddick and its predecessor, Pitch Black. Dark Fury is helmed by Peter Chung, the acclaimed director of MTV’s anime series Aeon Flux and segments of The Animatrix. It, too, will be released directly to DVD and VHS, arriving on shelves June 5, four days after its live-action counterpart hits theaters. Quentin Tarantino also talking about doing an anime prequel to his hit Kill Bill franchise.