Clip from Toy Story Toon, ‘Hawaiian Vacation’


All Pixar fans know that Toy Story 3 is not the end of the story for Woody, Buzz and the gang.

The first Toy Story Toon short, “Hawaiian Vacation,” is set to play in front of Cars 2 when it arrives in theaters on June 24. We here at Animation Magazine have been lucky enough to see the entire short — in 3D no less — but can offer only the following small clip that offers a good taste of what to expect:

The second Toy Story Toon is set to play in front of The Muppets, due out Nov. 23.

What do you think, animation fans? Can Toy Story live on forever as a series of shorts? Or should these toys go back in the box?

  • Jenny

    lmfao i can’t wait to see this!

  • Joe Melnick

    I guess I’m in the minority but I thought Toy Story 3 was terrible (apart from Ken) and totally unnecessary. Stop with the sequels! It shows that Pixar is running out of gas and trying to milk it for what they can. Up was also terrible and my kids never, ever ask or want to see either one. We still watch the others, but not those.