Classic, Timeless to Deliver Postman Pat Movie

Classic Media has teamed up with Timeless Films to make a 3-D animated Postman Pat feature film for 2011.

The film will be produced as stop-motion, with CG and 3-D effects, with Timeless set to distribute the film in the United Kingdom and Internationally.

The film’s script is by Kim Fuller, whose credits include Spice World, The Tracey Ullman Show and Red Dwarf.

The movie is set to build on the momentum the property has with the release last year on CBeebies of the series Postman Pat Special Delivery.

‘Postman Pat is enjoying a renaissance at present with a successful TV series, strong licensing program, promotional campaigns with leading U.K. brands and a nationwide theater tour rolling out in 2010′the announce of a theatrical film deal in 3-D is the icing on the cake,’ says Andrew Kerr, executive director of consumer products and marketing for international at Classic Media.