ChubbChubbs! Creators Set To Release New Short

The team that brought you the Academy Award-winning short film The ChubbChubbs! is at it again. On May 9, Columbia Pictures will release Early Bloomer, the new computer-animated short from Sony Pictures Imageworks. It has not been specified which film it will accompany in theaters.

Early Bloomer is a comical coming-of-age tale about an awkward but adorable tadpole just trying to fit in and keep up with his mischievous and playful friends.

According to a release from Imageworks, the film has a traditional sensibility with a stylized painterly look and ethereal underwater environment created through refraction, caustics, particle and wake effects and ambient occlusion.

Early Bloomer was created and directed by Kevin Johnson, lead storyboard artist on The ChubbChubbs! Prior to joining Imageworks two years ago, Johnson held staff positions at Warner Bros., Disney and Don Bluth Studios. In addition to drawing storyboards and directing films for Imageworks, he serves as the assistant director of the Character Animation Program in the School of Film and Video at the California Institute of the Arts.

The short has been selected for inclusion in the internationally recognized Electronic Theater at SIGGRAPH 2003. The venue is a showcase of computer-generated imagery selected by a jury from hundreds of submissions from around the world.

The ChubbChubbs! is currently available on the Men in Black II DVD. In addition, a stand-alone DVD of the short will be available at retail beginning April 11.