Cast List for Cat Tale Out of the Bag

Sean Astin (the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Cartoon Network’s Party Wagon) Elisha Cuthbert (24), Stanley Tucci (Big Night,The Terminal) and Alan Cumming (Spy Kids, X2) will be part of the top-notch voice cast for Cat Tale, the 2006 CG-animated feature produced by Imagi Services. Penned by Aaron Mendelshon (Air Bud) and Kevin Munroe (Donner), the "fish-out-of-water" feature centers on Rover, a cat who grows up in Dogtown by accident and returns to Catopolis in search of his feline roots. Felix Ip (Zentrix) is set to direct the project.

Thomas K. Gray (all three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies) and Galen Walker are the film’s producers and Francis Kao is billed as exec producer. Fred Willard, Catherine O’Hara, Billy Idol, Wayne Knight, Michael Richards, David Cross, Rip Torn, Jerry O’Connell and Chaz Palminteri round out the supporting cast.

Imagi Entertainment is going through a very busy cycle of late. The Hong Kong- and Los Angeles-based company, which worked on DreamWorks’ Father of the Pride series, is also developing a CG-animated movie featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (to be directed by Munroe) as well as a toon movie based on the Highlander property.