Buddha Toon to Aid Thailand’s Poor

Thailand’s MonoFilm will donate profits from the sales of its animated movie The Life of Buddha to charity, according to a recent Variety story. Produced by Wallapa Pimthong, the $5 million film sold to Italy’s Dujass Film S.P.A., says Rachel Prapeimporn Jamawatr, MonoFilm international relations supervisor.

“We were surprised in the interest because the film is not only animated but about a religion,” Jamawatr told the trade. “We thought there would be a limited audience.”

The 150-minute epic toon tells the life story fo the sixth century prince Siddhartha who sought to find the meaning of life after renouncing his royalt ties. Thai conglomerate Mono Group, under the direction of CEO Dr. Soraj Asavaprapha will release Buddha on December 5. Proceeds will be donated to the foundation to help the poor, founded by Thailand’s King Bhumibol.

Producer Valapha Pimthong, of Media Standard Ltd, said the film depicts Buddha’s life story in full including his birth, his marriage, his spiritual quest and the path to his enlightenment, and his teaching of others. Pimthong, who has studied in India was inspired to make the movie when she visited the prophet’s place of enlightenment. She says she chose to make an animated project to make it easier for young people to understand the prophet’s teaching. It has taken her four years to produce the movie, which is now 80% complete.