Axed Animators in New Deal with Raven, MG

Since Disney shuttered its Orlando, Fla. animation studio late last year a number of up-and-coming toon houses have been eager to swoop in and rummage through the stockpile of available talent. In a competitive bid, Raven Animation Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Raven Moon Ent. Inc., recently announced plans to not only hire Disney discards but also make them partners in the company. Now it has signed a joint venture agreement with MG Studios in Orlando to put the laid off animators to work.

MG Studios will use Raven Animation and its former Mouse House talent for animated projects under contract from Raven Moon Ent. The two companies are jointly producing Gina D’s Kids Club, Mr. Bicycle Man, The BoBo Blocks and Cuddle Bug Cousins.

Regarding the decision to make animators partners, Raven CEO Joey DiFrancesco comments, "Giving ownership gives a person self-esteem which is what our company stands for. Having self-esteem gives you a feeling of self-worth and a passion to be successful.”

Raven Animation has completed interviews with many former Disney animators and intends to announce its new partners in the next few weeks.