Asterix Scores in France

M6, the animation company behind the new animated feature Asterix and the Vikings, informs us that the film has enjoyed a successful theatrical debut in its native France. So far, the pic has sold approximately 491,328 tickets with 606 prints in circulation.

The numbers for Asterix in France are looking really good for a European animated release. While Hollywood imports tend to do better, Disney’s The Wild has only seen around 105,613 tickets sold across the country with 498 prints making the rounds. However, Asterix has its work cut out for it in catching up with Ice Age: The Meltdown. The highly successful sequel from Fox Animation and Blue Sky has 863 prints out and has sold around 1.3 million tickets since its French debut.

It has been a good year for French animation. The top animated film in the country is Kirikou and the Wild Beasts from directors B’n'dicte Galup and Michel Ocelot. The traditionally-animated film has sold more than 1.4 million tickets to date, but don’t expect to see it in U.S. theaters any time soon since prudish American audiences aren’t quite ready for naked natives in their animation.