Artsy Guys, F.Dice Create Monster

Artsy Guys Prods. has teamed with animation house F.Dice Studios, U.K. to produce a feature-length, 3D animated children’s film titled Mightiest Little Monster. Geared to kids 6-11, the pic is described as ‘a bit like Transformers for the Fischer-Price set.’

Directing the film is Bob Fuentes, who has produced more than 70 CG-animated shows for Hallmark in India. In the story, the first mini-truck is born into Truck Town and is branded an outcast. When his mother is sentenced to the scrap yard, the tyke is befriended by Cranky and the tool gang, who give our little hero some big upgrades in time take on monster truck baddies Big Al, Night Train and Grim Reaper and save the day. Artsy Guys expects to receive the first animation tests from F. Dice this month.

‘F. Dice was the perfect choice as a partner in developing this project,’ says Artsy Guys president and CEO Vince Trankina, an alumnus of Hanna Barbera Prods, Marvel Animation and New World Animation. ‘It is a European corporation with access to Euro funding, distribution and tax subsidies, and has a production studio in Latvia with a complete digital studio and incredible group of artists who are equally talented in conventional and digital animation.’

Mightiest Little Monster is the first in a series of projects in development at Artsy Guys, which is also focusing on marketing the property with a line of toy trucks that children can customize. The toys are being designed by Doyle Trankina, a graduate of USC and a veteran sculptor at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. He will also be contributing to the overall design of the feature.

In addition to overseeing production on Mightiest Little Monster, Vince Trankina is serving as co-exec producer on Sindbad the Dreamquest, a film being produced by Cinegroup, Montreal.