Anime Network Gets Original, Uncut Gatchaman

Anime Network has signed a deal with Sandy Frank Ent. to bring all 105 episodes of the Gatchaman series in their original form to U.S. television viewers for the first time.

Gatchaman was created more than 30 years ago and has become one of the longest-running drama series in anime history. U.S. audiences know the property better as G-Force and Battle of the Planets, which were much-edited versions that aired in the 1970s and 80s. The series follows five teenagers who come together and change into superheroes to save the world from monsters and intergalactic evil.

The Anime Network, a subsidiary of A.D. Vision, Inc. (parent company to ADV Films and Newtype USA), is the first cable channel in North America dedicated to anime. The network launched as a video-on-demand service through digital cable in late 2002. Additional information on Anime Network is available at