Alice Still Reigns at the Box Office

Tim Burton’s VFX-loaded reimagining of Alice in Wonderland kept its box office crown (and the head it rests upon) for a second straight weekend.

The 3-D Disney release took in $62 million, bringing its domestic take to a whopping $208.6 million. It also continued to do well in foreign markets, taking in $76 million in 48 territories for a total of $221 million.

Alice far outshone the weekend’s No. 2 movie, the Paul Greengrass thriller Green Zone. The Universal release debuted with $14.5 million. Other new releases fell into line after it, with She’s Out of My League earning $9.6 million, Remember Me grossing $8.3 million, and Fox Searchlight’s Our Family Wedding falling into sixth place with $7.6 million.

Avatar slipped to seventh place, taking in $6.6 million to bring its domestic take to $730 million.

And Oscar nominee Secret of the Kells, playing on a single screen in New York, earned $10,300 this weekend. The one-screen engagement has grossed an estimated $64,800 after two weekends in release. The film is set to open this coming weekend in both Boston and Philadelphia.