AGEIA Bring Physics to Granny 3D

AGEIA Technologies, which provides hardware-accelerated physics solutions for games, has teamed with RAD Game Tools to integrate AGEIA PhysX technology into RAD’s Granny 3D animation system. The announcement was made at the 2006 Austin Game Conference, which is currently under way in Austin, Texas.

Granny 3D is a game developer toolkit used to build a wide range of interactive 3D worlds, objects and characters. Since launching in 1999, the product has been licensed for more than 600 games around the world, a number RAD hopes will soar now that real-time physics will be possible through the AGEIA PhysX API.

“Our new AGEIA PhysX API is a huge benefit to all our customers,” says Mitch Soule of RAD Game Tools. “Applying real-time physical properties to character animations so that they act and react naturally in complex environments is now a simple task which will dramatically speed up the overall game development process and produce more realistic game experiences.”

“By integrating Granny 3D with AGEIA PhysX technology, game developers now can seamlessly create characters that move, react and interact naturally,” adds Greg Stoner, VP of business development for AGEIA. “We’re looking forward to continuing to work with RAD Game Tools to extend their rich product set with our powerful physics capabilities. Together, we will be able to help game developers take their games to the next level of compelling gameplay.”

Run-time physics replaces the predictable, canned animations that developers have traditionally built into games. A leader in the field is NaturalMotion, which has licensed its game solution, euphoria, to a number of development studios including LucasArts, which will use it for its upcoming Indiana Jones title.