$9.99 Begins Limited Run

Tatia Rosenthal’s thought-provoking stop-motion feature $9.99 begins its limited run in Los Angeles and New York this Friday. The Israeli-Australian co-production is based on short stories by Etgar Keret and centers on the lives of a group of oddball characters who live in an apartment complex. The assorted players include an unemployed 28-year-old who lives with his dad, a disgruntled guardian angel, a magician in debt, a seductive woman who has a thing for very smooth men, and a young boy who sets his piggy bank free in the park. The title of the movie refers to the price of a mail-order pamphlet that explains the meaning of life. (You can check out our interview with the talented filmmaker here.)

The summer movie season continues to roll out the strong releases, with this week bringing a pair of very different comedies’Year One and The Proposal‘into the mix. The romantic comedy The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, is set to open on 2,950 theaters, just barely ahead of Year One, which has geek cred with stars Jack Black and Michael Cera and is opening at 2,900 theaters.

The summer’s next big animated entry, Fox-Blue Sky’s Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, is also playing some 300 3-D sneak previews on Sunday night. The film does not open wide until July 1.

Looking to linger at the top a third weekend in a row is The Hangover, arguably the sleeper hit of the summer. Disney-Pixars’ Up continues to do strong business heading into its fourth weekend of release.

Also still in release and staking a claim to the top ten are The Taking of Pelham 123, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Land of the Lost, Imagine That, Angels and Demons, Terminator Salvation and this year’s box office champ so far, Star Trek.