4/16/02 LEGO Gets Creative

LEGO Media has picked animation house Creative Capers Entertainment to produce its 70 min. direct-to-video CGI animated feature BIONICLE: The Mask of Light, set to premiere September 2003. BIONICLE represents LEGO Media's first production, based on original storylines and characters created within the LEGO Company.

The BIONICLE brand grabbed children's attention through a series interconnecting media, The BIONICLE website, comic books, trading cards and 25 more media platforms. Each story follows six legendary heroes, called Toa, who must find the Masks of Power to save their people from an evil ruler. The BIONICLE website gets 600,000 unique visitors per month, mostly kids 7-12.

"All this indicates a huge demand for the concept – and BIONICLE fans tell us they are particularly eager to see the characters alive on screen. We're pleased to have Creative Capers help us realize this vision," says Conny Kalcher, global VP of children's programming, of LEGO Media.

Sue Shakespeare, president of Creative Capers says, "This is an exciting challenge for us, but one we're ready for. We're very much looking forward to meeting BIONICLE fans' expectations."


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