Walt Disney Family Museum to Open This Fall

The story of the man behind Mickey Mouse and animation’s most enduring studio will be brought directly to the public in October with the opening of The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.

The museum will present Disney’s successes, disappointments and ambition for the art form he loved through an exhibition that will feature early drawings of Mickey Mouse, personal letters, home movies and other methods of exhibition.

The $112 million museum is being built on the grounds of the Presidio, near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and will be run by Richard Benefield, former director of the Harvard University Art Museums, reports The New York Times The museum was financed by the Disney family foundation and the sale of bonds.

Among the exhibits announced for the museum are: original concept art and animation cels from Bambi, Pinocchio, Fantasia and ‘Steamboat Willie,’ the first animated film with sound; storyboards; early drawings of Mickey Mouse; the narrow-gauge train Disney built for his home that inspired Disneyland; recordings of Disney and his colleagues; the unique Snow White Academy Award, with featured a full-size Oscar and seven miniature castings; the original, two-story camera that brought unprecedented depth to his animated classics; a model of the Disneyland of Walt’s imagination; clips from the first nature documentary; drawings and cartoons from Laugh-O-Gram Films, Disney’s first company; and a 360-degree overhead video ribbon showcasing a decade of Disney filmmaking.