UPA Tribute to Animate Hollywood

Bosustow Media Group will present a special program titled ‘UPA: Magoo, McBoing Boing & Modern Art’ on Sunday, March 26, at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The fun will kick off at 6:00 pm and continue until 9 p.m., featuring screenings of such UPA classics as Bobe Cannon’s Gerald McBoing Boing (1951), John Hubley’s Rooty Tooty Toot (1952), Ted Parmelee’s The Tell-Tale Heart (1953) and Pete Burness’s When Magoo Flew (1955).

The program will also feature shorts produced for the groundbreaking CBS TV series The Gerald McBoing-Boing Show (1957-58), a behind the scenes peek into the studio during the production of Madeline (1951), a preview of the forthcoming documentary, The Boing That Shook The World, and other UPA rarities.

Animation historian and author Jerry Beck will moderate two panels illuminating the studio’s creators, its films, and enduring legacy. Panelists will include veteran UPA animators and designers Bill Melendez, Alan Zaslove, Willis Pyle, Fred Crippen and Sam Clayberger. They will be joined by contemporary animator Mark Kausler (Beauty and The Beast, The Lion King), Lou Romano (production designer of Pixar’s The Incredibles) and author/historian Amid Amidi (Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation). These experts will bring memories and insights to the program of UPA films. Additional invited guests will include June Foray, Leonard Maltin, Stan Freberg, Chico Hamilton and John Canemaker.

A silent auction featuring animation art items wil be held in the Egyptian foyer prior to the tribute. There will also be information tables with pamphlets about the UPA documentary being produced, animation books and details on program sponsors. In addition, animation celebrities will be on hand to sign autographs during a pre-event buffet in the Lobby.

Tickets can be had for $9 and are available at the Egyptian Theatre box office, through Fandango ticket service or the event organizers. Tickets for the buffet are $15. Lern more about the UPA documentary project at www.upapix.com and www.thejeffreyfoundation.com.