Stuttgart Announces Animated Com Award Nominees


The Animated Com Award nominees have been announced for the 20th edition of the upcoming Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (April 23-28). Every year, the Animated Com awards honors the best of applied animation in the fields of advertising, spatial communication and technology The jury has chosen ten top animated projects out of the 120 submissions for this year’s short list. Here is the list of nominees:


  • BBC London 2012 Olympic Games: Stadium (U.K.)
    Pete Candeland, Great Britain 2012, BBC; Y&R
  • Metamorphosis Buck USA 2012
    Good Gooks / Oxfam New Zealand; String Theory
  • MTV EMA 2012 Opener
    Mate Steinforth, Germany 2012, VIMN MTV World Design Studio
  • The Real Bears
    Lucas Zanotto, USA 2012, The Real Bears


  • Mass Effects 3—Take Earth Back
    Istvan Zorkoczy, Hungary 2012, Electronic Arts / Bioware
  • Pictoplasma Festival 2012 Opener
    Mate Steinforth, Germany 2012, Pictoplasma
  • Red Bull Stratos—Mission to the Edge of Space
    Peter Clausen, Germany 2012, Red Bull Media House; Aixsponza GmbH

Spatial Communication

  • Coca Cola 125th Anniversary—Future Exhibition
    Refik Anadol, Maurizio Braggiotti, Efe Mert Kaya; Turkey 2011, Coca Cola; Antilop
  • Swiss Pavilion Expo Yeousu: The Source—It’s in Your Hands
    Marc Tamschick, Germany 2012, Booth Switzerland; Steiner Ssamen AG & Tamschick Media+Space
  • Max Hattler, Germany/Great Britain 2012, KXFS + Vauxhall

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Here are the great animated trailers for the festival:

The Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart

The Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart