Seattle Gets First Sci-Fi Museum

While museums are usually associated with relics from the past, a new one will focus on futuristic societies and technologies as seen through the imaginations of famed writers and filmmakers. The first institution of its kind in the world, the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFM) will open its doors to the public on June 18 in Seattle, Wash.

With an advisory board that includes such leading figures in science fiction as Greg Bear, Octavia Butler, James Cameron, Arthur C. Clarke, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, the museum will explore how science fiction reflects and comments on the human condition, promotes critical thinking about culture and society, and invites us to ponder the universe’s infinite possibilities.

Exhibits will include a science fiction timeline, a look at technology dubbed “Not So Weird Science” and a “Spacedock” featuring stats on spacecrafts like Star Trek‘s Enterprise and Alien‘s Nostromo. Visitors can also explore alternate modes of travel and visit fantastic worlds and cities of tomorrow through computer-generated imagery.

The nonprofit institution is co-located with Experience Music Project at Seattle Center, and was founded by investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen. More information on the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame can be found at