Science Exhibit Examines Marvel Heroes

For all its gamma rays, radioactive spider bites and chemically induced transformations, superhero science tends to be a bit shaky, to say the least. Even so, the California Science Center in Los Angeles has seen fit to dedicate a new exhibit to the heroes of Marvel Comics and the role science plays in their mythologies. The Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition will be open from March 26 through Sept. 4.

More than 9,000 square feet of the California Science Center will be devoted to Marvel interactive experiences created by Yellowbrick Holman Exhibition Inc. in partnership with the Ontario Science Center. Among other things, visitors will match their senses against those of Daredevil, investigate the source of rage in the Incredible Hulk’s brain, discover what it might be like to have prosthetic limbs like Doc Ock and learn how an optical illusion known as motion-induced blindness can make Fantastic Four‘s Invisible Woman disappear. Other attractions will explore the concepts behind Spider-Man and the X-Men, while an Iron Man feature actually allows patrons to step into a mechanical exo-suit to lift a sports utility vehicle.

Also on display will be a collection of Marvel artwork featuring some of the most popular artists from the company’s long history. The exhibit will be open 7 days a week with admission priced at $9.75 for adults, $8.75 for seniors and $7.75 for children under 12. Tickets are available online at