Sandra Oh, Ann Marie Fleming Crowdfund for Feature Toon


Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh is looking to break into the animation biz. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed actress is collaborating with director Ann Marie Fleming (The French Guy) on a Canadian-produced feature titled Window Horses, which Oh will help produce as well as providing voice performance. Fleming and Oh have turned to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to finance the project, seeking $130,000 in contributions.

Window Horses will star Oh as the voice of Rosie Ming, a young Canadian poet of Chinese-Persian heritage who travels to Iran to recite at a poetry festival and learn about her long-lost father. Nancy Kwan (The World of Suzie Wong) will voice Rosie’s grandmother. The Indiegogo campaign’s goal will cover animation costs for Fleming and fellow lead artist Kevin Landale and a larger team.

“This is not like a job for me. I love doing it. I’m so happy to talk about it. There’s a lot of things that actors have to peddle and sell. And you can tell when people really don’t care about it,” Oh told The Hollywood Reporter. “I love that she’s of Chinese and Persian heritage. If we can’t get [diversity] on TV, let’s get it on animation.”

Earlier this year, Oh left the cast of Grey’s Anatomy after a 10-season run as one of the show’s most popular characters, Dr. Cristina Yang. During her stint she was honored with an Emmy nomination, Golden Globe and SAG Award wins. The actress herself is a Canadian of Korean descent.

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

  • Not Anonymous

    fund your own stuff like everyone does, instead of using your celebrity to pan handle when you have been blessed with an already lucrative career. its embarrassing. this new era of celebrities using crowd funding, is shameful.

  • Tony

    Really? You have to go to Indiegogo for chump change of $130K? It’s a publicity stunt and I wish these celebrities would stay the hell off of sites where struggling artists vie for money and attention to their projects. If Sandra Oh wants $130K so bad, sell one of your cars, honey!

    • kc

      She drives a Prius ……

    • arabella

      dear Tony why don’t you sell your mouth? If you don’t want to donate, don’t, but at least SHUT THE FUCK UP. You don’t even know her, otherwise you wouldn’t open your mouth. Period.

    • Meg

      You are ignorant. Get a life!

  • Joe Pearson

    I don’t see where there should be any moral or ethical constraints on anyone having access to fundraising on Indiegogo or Kickstarter or anywhere. If you take the time to read closely about Ms. Oh’s proposed movie, it’s clearly a fully “indie” labor of love. Not something Hollywood could or would fund. As to her using her own assets to fund this film, no one is in any position to know how much money Ms. Oh has at hand and it’s entirely her business what she wants to do with it. Lighten the frak up and give her support for this worthwhile and unique project. Or don’t. But keep your petty carping to yourselves. It’s ugly and obviously envious as hell.