Nicktoons Fest Calls Last Chance

The deadline to enter this year’s Nicktoons Network Animation Festival and compete for a $10,000 grand prize is June 1. The fest celebrates the art of the short film with both on-air and on-line broadcasts, culminating in a presentation of award winners, as chosen by a panel of celebrity judges to be announced soon.

Previously known as Nextoons: The Nicktoons Film Festival, The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival is a televised and multi-platform showcase of films 10 minutes or less in length that were completed in the last few years. The $10,000 grand prize winner will join the ranks of past winners Mark Simon and Travis Blaise for Timmy’s Lessons in Nature (2004), Arthur de Pins for Le Revolution des Crabes (2005) and Kyle McQueen for Ballad of Sheep 13 (2006).

Entry forms for the 4th annual Nicktoons Network Animation Festival can be downloaded on