Nick Picks Global Shorts Finalists


Nickelodeon has whittled the nearly 600 submissions from around the world for its 2014 Global Animated Shorts Program down to eight finalists. This is only the second year that international submissions were accepted, and the top runner octad represents the talents of artists from across Europe as well as Canada and Australia. Winning shorts will have a shot at airing on Nickelodeon’s TV channel,, and the Nick App prior to consideration for series development.

The finalists are: Crazy Block from Iginio Straffi (Italy; creator of Winx Club), Duckmanboy from Louis Hudson and Ian Ravenscroft (U.K., DICE Prod.), Feebs and Mr. Timmins from Suren Perera (Australia; The Dukes of Broxstonia), Jo Minkus from Ben Anders (Canada), Somewhere Awesome from Eamonn O’Neill and Marah Curran (Ireland), Urchin from Hamish Steele (U.K.; creator of 2013 finalist Badly Drawn Animals), Werebeast from James Lancett (U.K.), and Woodchips from Christian Villacanas (Spain).

With any luck, one (or more) of these inventive project will follow in the footsteps of Nick’s fresh baked hit Breadwinners, which was developed out of the 2012 competition and has recently been renewed for a second season. The winners of last year’s edition included Pedro Eboli and Graham Peterson’s Monster Pack and Mike Scott’s Moosebox.



  • Love ThatRebecca

    That’s so great to have the rest of the world potentially involved. I am happy to see an entry from Italy – my adopted country!