NATPE 2004 Generates New Ani Buzz

Among the developments at the Las Vegas-HQ’d NATPE yesterday, Calif.-based Cybergraphix Animation announced a trio of new kids series that it plans to co-produce with its animation partners in India.

As busy as the vibrant sub-continent animation biz has become, producing half-hour strips in India is still vastly cheaper than doing so in the U.S., even using low-tech solutions such as Flash animation. Cybergraphix execs say they can produce and deliver high-quality new animated series for as low as $250,000 per segment.

With India co-prod partner Animation Bridge, Cybergraphix is currently making the initial episodes of Guardians of Luna and Myth House. Luna is

about the magical legacy of an ancient race of shapeshifters and the metropolitan family that seeks to protect its great power, while Myth tells the tales of a school full of young mythological characters. In its co-prod agreement with UTV Toons, meanwhile, CA is in production on The Infinite Darcy, 52 eleven-minute segs centering on a nine-year old girl who can travel in to alternate realities. The company is also adapting the Michael Payne fantasy novel The Blood Jaguar into an 80-minute animated special. Drawing inspiration from such works as Watership Down and The Lion King, the show will center on three unlikely heroes–a bobcat, a fisher and a skink–who are singled out as the prophesized saviors who can stop the legendary destroyer known as the Blood Jaguar.

The special and all three series haven yet to find a broadcast home. Initial episodes of Myth and Darcy will be available at MIPCOM Jr. in March. Guardians will debut at MIPCOM in October.