Monstroville Fundraiser/Contest Launches

If you’ve been wondering about new ways of funding your indie animated project, you may want to take a page from O’Neal Pignani’s book. The creative animation producer and director at Van Nuys, Calif.-based Cartoon Funland Studio has come up with a clever contest to generate interest (and hopefully some producing partners) in his toon, Monstroville.

Pignani (a.k.a. Doktor Viktor Von Kreep) tells us that he has set up a website for fans to donate whatever they can to help fund the show. He is also launching a contest this week, whereby the next person who donates $500 to Monstroville will win a visit to the cast recording in Burbank. The very impressive voice cast for the show includes amazing veterans such as Tom Kenny, Clancy Brown, Carolyn Lawrence and Jason Marsden. According to the website, the funds will be used to help pay for a storyboard artist, post-production services and for payment for the team of artists, DVD duplication and promotional material.

Monstroville follows the misadventures of a juvenile delinquent monster kid who lives in a haunted seaside town populated by all kinds of monsters, witches, pirates, mad scientists, ghosts and ghouls. We wish O’Neal and his team the best of luck with this labor of love.

You can learn more about the show and contest at You can also check out the Cartoon Funland blog at