MIPCOM: Trio Forges New Anime Alliance

ADV Films COO Kevin Corcoran announced yesterday that his company will be joining forces with Funimation Productions and Geneon Entertainment to develop and market anime fare in the U.S.

The new joint-venture aims to develop high-quality entertainment series primarily targeting children and young adults, merging the team’s respective resources. Together the three partners reach 70% of the anime homevid market in the US.

ADV Films is a producer-distributor of Japanese animation in North America and the UK. It recently launched Anime Network, the first North American cable channel dedicated to anime with access to thousand of hours of content. A subsidiary of Tokyo-based Dentsu, Geneon Entertainment produces and distributes entertainment content such Pokemon and Akira. Funimation is a brand-management outfit and one of the biggest indie home video companies in the U.S. whose biggest hit is the Dragonball Z franchise.