MIPCOM: Nelvana Crows About New Chris Landreth Project

Toronto-based animation house Nelvana will be producing a new animated feature based on an epic trilogy by Calgary-born author Clem Martini. The Mob: Feather and Bone is the first novel in The Crow Chronicles, which follows the lives of a young and daring crow named Kyp and some of the other members of his murder as they meet dangerous challenges on the way to their annual gathering.

"We are very happy to report that animator Chris Landreth, who has won numerous awards for his short, Ryan, has joined our team to work on developing the book as a feature," says Scott Dyer, Nelvana’s exec VP of production and development. "Martini’s book offers a wonderful mixture of mystical and family entertainment elements, and should resonate with audiences who loved epic books set in the animal kingdom such as Watership Down."