MIPCOM: BVITV Brings Sonic X, Tutenstein to RTÉ

Buena Vista International Television (BVITV) has signed a deal with terrestrial broadcaster RTÉ in Ireland for the action series Sonic X and Tutenstein. Both shows are from the BVITV-distributed Jetix portfolio, which saw the launch of the upcoming series W.I.T.C.H. and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! this year at MIPCOM.

Based on the popular Sega video game franchise, Sonic X finds our hero battling against the mad Dr. Eggman, who is creating evil robots for his plan to build his own empire. When Sonic, his buddies and the Eggman gang are all sucked into a warp, Sonic finds a new friend in a young boy named Christopher.

The Emmy-winning Tutenstein follows the adventures of a precocious Egyptian boy-king who is resurrected into a world he believes should still worship him. With help from his new friends, Cleo and talking cat Luxor, Tut has to cope with life in the 21st century while defeating his ancient enemies. BVITV also announced at MIPCOM that the series has been licensed to public broadcaster ARD in Germany.