MIFA Pitch Picks Revealed


MIFA market organizers have whittled down over 400 project submissions to the 35 most promising concepts for feature films, short films, transmedia properties, TV specials/series and the Animation du Monde section, celebrating the creativity of emerging animation producing countries. The MIFA Pitches will be presented June 15 and 16 at the Imperial Palace, Ravel A&B alongside the Annecy festival (June 13-18).

Full MIFA Pitches program information available here.

Feature Films
Tito e os passaros (Brazil) Directors: Gustavo Steinberg, Gabriel Bitar
Super Vinamotor (France) Directors: Francois Leroy, Stephanie Lansaque
Memorias de un hombre en pijama (Spain) Directors: Carlos Fernandez, Paco Roca
Solo Lobo (Hungary) Director: Zoltan Miklosy
Nimuendaju (Brazil) Director: Tania Anaya

Short Films
La Soupe aux singes (France) Director: Alix Fizet
Traces (France) Directors: Hugo Frassetto, Sophie Tavert
Entre sombras (Portugal) Directors: Monica Fernandes Dos Santos, Alice Guimaraes
Le Nouveau (France) Director: Eric Montchaud
Trona Pinnacles (France) Director: Mathilde Parquet
La Lampadaire (Bulgaria/France) Director: Emma Vakarelova
Vieille peau (France) Director: Julie Rembauville
Carpelle (France/Hungary) Directors: Sarolta Szabo, Tibor Banoczki

TV Series and Specials
Plantheon (France) Director: Thomas Pons
O diario de Alice (Brazil) Director: Diogo Viegas
Mille et un Moyen Age (France) Directors: Paul Bourgois, Jeremy Boulard
Little Idle Hands (U.K.) Director: Felix Massie
Flee (Denmark) Director: Jonas Poher-Rasmussen
Urikito 3024 (France) Director: Melanie Duval
The Jan & Rai Show (Australia) Director: Lluis Sanchez Jorge

Chez Simone (France) Director: Alwa Deluze
Elemented (Canada) Directors: Daniel Gies, Emily Paige
Gagarine: Cosmic Trip (France) Director: Daniel Khamdamov
Before You Wake – Discover Tesla’s Secret Invention (Croatia/Serbia) Director: Branislav Brkich
Astrononeko (France) Directors: Axel Rousseau, Clement De Ruyter
Nothing Happens (Denmark) Director: Uri Kranot

Animation du Monde
Nuna: La Agonia del Wamani (Peru) Director: Jimmy Carhuas
Step into the River (China) Director: Weijia Ma
Dog Days (Georgia) Director: Vakhtang Tato Kotetishvili
A Crow (Georgia) Director: Sandro Katamashvili
Fairy Wheels (South Africa) Director: Clea Mallinson
Khamsa (Algeria) Directors: Khaled Chiheb, Messaoud Rouag, Kamal Zakour
Island (China) Director: Mengqian Chen
Mad Peter (China) Director: Ginger (Yiqing) Liu
Riga’s Lilac (Latvia) Director: Lizete Murovska