‘Magic Adventures,’ ’44 Cats’ Most Watched Shows at MIP Jr.

Magic Adventures: The Crystal of Dark
Magic Adventures: The Crystal of Dark

Korean studio Hong Dang Moo’s animated series Magic Adventures: The Crystal of Dark and Italy’s Rainbow Media’s 44 Cats were the top most-screened shows at this week’s MIP Junior Market in Cannes. The no. 3 spot was held by French studio Blue Spirit’s Alice & Lewis, followed by Sony Creative’s Pingu at No. 4 and Blue Spirit’s Arthur and the Children of the Round Table at No. 5.

Magic Adventures is a 3D-stereoscopic animated series aimed at 6-11 year olds. The 11 X 52 animated show is described as Harry Potter meets The Wizard of Oz. Based on a popular comic-book, the show follows the adventures of a young girl named Olivia who embarks on a dangerous quest to find four great wizards and seven magical crystals that will help her find the Dark Wizard of Light from conquering Magic Land and save her parents.

Here is the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR9ALSRFxgs

Rainbow Media’s 44 Cats is a charming CG-animated show that centers on a group of cats who act normally when they are around people, but act just like humans when they are on their own. Just like children, the little cats see the world of adult humans as confusing and full of strange rules. Highlighting themes of friendship and altruism, 44 Cats is driven by the main characters’ love of helping others.

French studio Cybergroup managed to have the most number of titles on the Top 30 list with three shows (Gigantosaurus, The Pirates Next Door and Tom Sawyer), followed by Blue Spirit with two shows (Alice & Lewis, Arthur and the Children of the Round Table) and PGS with two shows (Sly Cooper, Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings).

Here is the list of the Top 20 shows at MIP Junior:

  1. Magic Adventures: The Crystal of Dark (Hong Dang Moo)
  2. 44 Cats (Rainbow Media)
  3. Alice & Lewis (Blue Spirit)
  4. Pingu (Sony Creative)
  5. Arthur and the Children of the Round Table (Blue Spirit)
  6. Becca’s Bunch (Jam Media)
  7. Gigantosaurus (Cybergroup Studios)
  8. Cupcake and Dino:  General Services (Entertainment One)
  9. Arthur and the Minimoys: The Series (Studio 100)
  10. The Pirates Next Door (Cybergroup Studios)
  11. Sly Cooper (PGS Entertainment)
  12. Find Me in Paris (Federation Entertainment)
  13. Mr. Magoo: New Series (Xilam Animation)
  14. Guru AurBhole (Sony Pictures Network India)
  15. Frankie and Frank (9 Story)
  16. Zafari (NBC Universal)
  17. 5 & It (DQ Entertainment)
  18. Barbapapa: One Big Happy Family (Kids First)
  19. Tib & Tumtum (Go-N Productions)
  20. Heroes of Envell (Signal Media Intl.)
Magic Adventures: The Crystal of Dark

Magic Adventures: The Crystal of Dark

44 Cats

44 Cats