‘Loving Vincent’ Named Best Feature at Palm Springs Animation Fest

Loving Vincent
Loving Vincent

The inaugural Palm Springs International Animation Festival (Nov. 9-11, www.psiaf.org) has awarded the Best Animated Feature honor to hand-painted historical drama Loving Vincent, which was one of a diverse offering of features which included Bilal and Tehran Taboo.

The fest also awarded a boatload of specific short film awards, from “Cool Stop-Motion” to “Powerful, Dark & Mysterious 3D” and beyond. Full list of winners below.

Best Animated Feature: Loving Vincent, Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman

Best Hand Drawn Animated Short: The Potato Eaters, Martin Kukal

Best Watercolor Animated Short: Strange Case, Zbigniew Czapla

Best Paper Animated Short: Tis, Chloë Lesueur

Best Classic and Traditional Animated Short: New York City Sketchbook, William Hartland

Best Hand Painted Animated Short: Yellow Rose, Xin Li

Best Amazing Stop-Motion Animated Short: Tokri, Suresh Eriyat

Best LGBT Animated Short: Fishy, Joe Sulsenti

Best 3D Dark Comedy Animated Short: Afterwork, Andres Aguilar

Best Abstract Animated Short: Virtual Actors in Chinese Opera, Tobias Gremmler

Best Sand & Salt Animated Short: Angels of the Seashore, Kseniya Simonova

Best Powerful Dark & Mysterious 3D Animated Short: Citipati, Andreas Feix

Best Global Issues & Socially Relevant Animated Short: The Neverending Wall, Silvia Carpizo

Best 3D Sci-Fi Fantasy Animated Short: Agent Aiden: The Planet of the Slaves, Martin Lambert & Laurent Beghin

Best VFX and Rotoscoped Animated Short: Mosquito: The Bite of Passage, Brian Vincent Rhodes

Best 3D Drama Animated Short: Weeds, Kevin Hudson

Best Music Video Animated Short: Escape, Brandon Oldenburg

Best Academy of Dream Awards Animated Short: Hide & Shriek, Dani Bowman

Best 3D Fantasy Animated Short: Awaken, Emerson Eagp

Best 2D Childrens Animated Short: New Toy, Rogerio Boechat

Best 2D Action Adventure Animated Short: Salesman Pete, Marc Bouyer

Best Fun Stop-Motion Animated Short: No-No Wants to Try a Sport, Auvray Mathieu

Best 3D Drama Adventure Animated Short: Geno, Dato Kiknavelidze

Best 2D Drama Animated Short: New Ariadne’s Thread, Claude Luyet

Best Winter Holiday Animated Short: The Christmas Star, Kok Sen Lai

Best Experimental Animated Short: Bi-Polaroid, John Morena

Best 2D Odd and Twisted Animated Short: Dinner for Few, Nassos Vakalis

Best 3D Heartwarming Animated Short: Adija, Apollonia Thomaier

Best 3D Comedy Animated Short: Voyagers, Gauthier Ammeux, Valentine Baillon, Benjamin Chaumeny

Best TV Series Animated Short: Paper Girls, Tone Thyne

Best 3D Romantic Comedy Animated Short: Tanguito Argentino, Joaquin Braga

Best Cool Stop-Motion Animated Short: Ethnophobia, Joan Zhonga

Best 3D Dark Animated Short: Legacy, Guilhem Carayre

Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent

Dinner for Few

Dinner for Few