L.A. Fest Says Hello

Chalk another one up for Aussie animators. Jonathan Nix’s 2D student film, Hello, won Best Animated Short at the 2004 Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday. Nix’s taking the fest’s only prize for animation follows on the heels of his winning the FIPRESCI Award at the Annecy Int’l Festival of Animation, where fellow Australian Sejong Park received the Jean-Luc Xiberas Award for Best First Film for his short, Birthday Boy. Aussie director Adam Elliot’s Harvey Krumpet won three Annecy awards the year prior and went on to take the Academy Award for Best Animated Short.

Hello tells the story of lovesick loner who attempts to chat up a woman who lives in the flat across the hall. To complicate matters, the man has an old tape deck for a head while the woman has a shiny new CD-player resting atop her shoulders. The film asks the question, “In a digital world, can an analogue find true love?” In the end, it’s the wise old gramophone that has the answer.

Hello previously won Best Sound in a Non-Feature Production at AFI 2004, Best Director and Best Sound at Flickerfest 2004, Best First Animated Film at the ATOM Awards and Best Animation at the Nashville Film Festival 2004.